We are a team of licensed medical professionals who provide
Premium IV Nutrient Therapy Services in the Las Vegas area.
Our infusions will help you stay healthy, recover faster, and feel younger!

Why Re2?

Whether a novice or professional, ReSquared Medical is ready to help customers prepare for the big event.

Athletes can get hydrated and receive the vitamins and minerals their body needs to help them perform at their best. With lasting benefit, our IV infusions and IM injections also help athletes recover after rigorous performance.

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What are the best ways to boost your immunity and recover from a cold?

Hydrate with lots of fluids and take vitamins. IV infusions and IM injections will both boost your immunity and help your body fight off illness when it occurs.

Support for tourists and traveling business pros:

A World Health Organization study shows that 2 to 4 percent of domestic travelers are ill on any given day.

With an international airport nearby, there are many people flying in and out of town. They may be changing time zones, missing sleep, and skipping days all while cramped in a tube with strangers. ReSquared Medical can help them get back to shape without needing an extra day to recover from jet lag.

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Preparing for parties ahead of time means you can have fun and stay safe.

Party preparation is great option for bachelor/bachelorette parties, class reunions, birthday parties, and even just going out for the night.

Our premium IV services help extend the length of fun partiers can have, and also helps them recover faster afterwards. Find hanger relief with ReSquared Medical- we’ll even come to you!

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We have the answers for the ever-growing demand for those who want to recover their youthful glow.

One of our IV formulas assists in brightening the skin and restoring vibrancy, highlighting your best appearance and restoring your natural beauty. Coupled with our Glutathione Shot, you can cleanse and detoxify your body for better overall health.

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Our IV Therapy Services

Athletic Performance & Recovery
Immune System Resoration & Jet Lag Recovery
Party Preparation & Hangover Recovery
Skin Rejuvination
Combination Of Everything: Health, Energy Levels, and Appearance

Our Core Values


ReSquared Medical’s mission is to deliver supplementary and traditional medicine and wellness services to tourists and local residents of Las Vegas through pharmaceutical intravenous nutrient therapy, vitamin shots, and premier concierge medical services.


Our vision is to provide personalized total body health and wellness services at the request and convenience of our clients.

How Our Services Benefit You

Our services target athletic preparation and recovery, party preparation and hangover recovery, jet lag, skin rejuvenation, and immune system restoration.

Additionally, we provide urgent care medicine since this service is frequently needed for travelers visiting Las Vegas.

Customers Love Us!

Tuhin Rahman
Tuhin Rahman
14:37 27 Nov 17
I'm sold and obsessed. Super prompt service and was able to last through the night with their IV therapy services. Highly recommend for those who are looking to recharge for a big night out, or if you have a long flight ahead.
Rosa L. Kruse
Rosa L. Kruse
20:38 27 Nov 17
Came down with a major sinus infections. Reached out to JennaBea who made a house call. She hooked me up with a iv with supplement which help me to sleep and wake up the next day feeling great. If you are in town and feel a little low or had a little to much to drink give them a call. Great service
Pori Moni
Pori Moni
17:22 28 Nov 17
Jennabea and her team are amazing!! I feel much more energized and alert after treatment. I have referred multiple people and will continue to refer friends and strangers alike!!If you have any doubts, I urge you to just go check them out!! Keep up the good work!!
Marilyn R. Park
Marilyn R. Park
09:17 30 Nov 17
Excellent service and exceptional care. Dave met me for my b12 shots and was very kind and professional. I would recommend Resquared Medical to anyone looking for IV therapy or b12 shots. They use only the best products and have a great competitive rate. 5 stars all the way!
Andrew Dufrene
Andrew Dufrene
09:36 30 Nov 17
This medical service is awesome!!! Nurse Jennabea was so sweet and took good care of my mother in law and auntie!! They had to much fun in Vegas!! I highly recommend there services, extremely professional!
Monufa Nok
Monufa Nok
10:43 30 Nov 17
Re squared medical came to my gym, Sweatzone today. The rep was so sweet and explained to us in great detail the different type of shots she offered and the advantages to each. I was instantly sold on the B12 shot which is supposed to to give you natural energy. I got it right before my workout and felt great! I'm so scared of shots but it was pretty painless! Definitely recommend their services!!

Ready for a Boost?

Whether you're enjoying your vacation, or you're a local looking to get more out of your body and health, we've got you covered!