The Toll Of Your Trip To Las Vegas Can Come Down On You With Little Warning

Being indoors all day, in different environments around a lot of people with dry air-filtered air, eating rich foods, sleeping odd hours - all of these take a toll on your body!

IV Hydration Therapy Addresses Common Ailments That Show Up At Conventions

When there’s an event in Las Vegas, people are coming in from all over town, and sometimes you’ll get folks arriving from colder climates. They’ll start to show signs like dizziness, the shakes, faintness, and so on – all of the major symptoms of dehydration.

Once they realize they’re dehydrated, you can see the lightbulb go on: Las Vegas is, in fact, out in the desert!

Sometimes, however, people will end up going to the emergency room and leave with expensive hospital bills for what could have easily be cured with some water, electrolytes, and a relaxing evening. This is why our mobile concierge services for conferences is ideal – we’re the perfect intermediary between the emergency room and a primary care visit with your doctor.

“While on the job at a conference we ran into a woman who came in complaining of itchy throat and hives on her skin. After some questioning, we were able to identify that she had a nickel allergy. With an infusion shot, we were able to relieve her symptoms, and keep her symptoms under control until she got back home after her flight to see here PHP. After her symptoms disappeared, she thanked us so much – she would have had to endure her allergic reaction for an entire flight until she could see her doctor back home -IV therapy really paid off for her!”

~ Jennabea Sturman, Paramedic

Prepare for your conference or event in Las Vegas. Our Re2 medical team is licensed to perform recovery procedures, in addition to IV Hydration therapy. Read more at

We are licensed professionals who are able to diagnose on site, and can leverage local paramedics and medical staff through a medical care network.

Preparing for your event ahead of time means having all of your bases covered, in case anything should arise. Our professionals are licensed to perform:

  • Stitches
  • Medication replacement
  • IV Infusions / Shots
  • Referrals
  • Dislocated bones repair