Bounce Back Faster After Experiencing Jet Lag

ReCharge is our 1 liter NS energy boost infusion. It provides essential hydration and a boost in energy through a blend of energizing vitamins and minerals.

Jet Lag & Fatigue Recovery

Fatigued from stress of daily life? Do you feel like you need a vacation from vacation? Traveling alters sleeping, eating, and drinking habits and is often combined with overindulgence or overexertion. This can cause dehydration, nutritional deficits, fatigue and malaise. Our treatments of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants can help you recover from vacation and allow a smother transition back into life.

Fatigue and jet lag are often caused by nutritional deficiencies, namely dehydration. Airline cabins are purposefully dehumidified, and literally “suck” the moisture out of you. Couple that factor with the poor nutrition we often provide ourselves when we travel, and breathing the same germ infected air that is recirculated in airline cabins, and it’s no wonder long-distance travel wipes us out. Our IV hydration therapies will expeditiously reverse these effects, allowing you to skip the jet lag the way you wish you could skip those long airport customs lines.

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Recover Faster From Symptoms Due To The Common Cold

Immunity Recovery

Once the runny nose, diarrhea, and vomiting are gone you can still feel bad for weeks. Often, remaining dehydration and vitamin/mineral deficiencies are to blame for these continued symptoms. Being dehydrated can slow the healing process and extend your illness. We also offer B complex and Vitamin C to further promote recovery. Once your GI symptoms are under control and your fever is gone, come see us to get our specialized Hydrate Wellness cocktail and get back on your feet fast!

By mixing specific nutrients with your hydration therapy, you can combat colds and other common ailments like jet lag. The benefits are remarkably simple and so effective!

Give Your Body What It Needs To Recover Faster

As conventional wisdom states, it is best to “drink plenty of fluids” when your immune system takes a hit. Additionally, we provide high doses of Vitamin C and other vitamins and antioxidants to combat cold, flu, and jet lag symptoms, which can enhance your natural immune response and allows you to recover much quicker than that can of not-so-white meat chicken noodle soup.