Bounce Back QUICKLY From A Hangover!

Need fast hangover relief?

Our hangover treatment is the most effective way to fight the effects of drinking and partying too hard. We’ll get you back on your feet with direct hydration, electrolyte replacement, and with vitamin and pharmaceutical medications.

Our ReCover hangover cure is completed with a professionally placed IV, and will stop the suffering associated with too much alcohol by restoring your body. This treatment exceeds the treatments normally found in most ER’s as our physicians have personally compounded a formula that works quickly and efficiently.

This hangover treatment will let you get back to the poker table in around 30 minutes feeling like a whole new person.

Our IV hydration fluids are packed with key vitamins and minerals like magnesium, B vitamins, and electrolytes, to rid you of the root cause of your hangover.

Also included are medications that almost instantly wipe out the awful nausea, headaches, body pains, and burning stomach discomfort. The entire process relieves the inflammation, dizziness, and other alcohol-induced pains you are experiencing to get you back on your feet again and enjoying your time in Las Vegas.

You CAN Stop Symptoms Before They Take Over Your Day

Our ReCover Infusion includes medications and vitamins that will help cleanse your liver of the byproducts of alcohol, stop your nausea, and settle your stomach.

Give us an hour, and we’ll get you back to your Vegas trip revitalized and renewed!

If you talk to any nurse, physician, or paramedic, they’ll tell you that many have been taking advantage of the rehydrating effect of IV therapy for a long time. It’s a little trick that medical professionals have used for ages when you have an overindulging night out and need to be focused and energized at work.

We all know hangovers can give us terrible headaches, and symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.

…and some days are worse than others, we’ve all been there!

Our message to you is that you don’t have to stay trapped in your hotel room with a hangover! Our team carries over 25 years’ experience as licensed medical practitioners, and we know exactly what it is your body needs to recover safely and quickly from symptoms over-indulgence.

Alleviate the Signs and Symptoms of a Hangover in an Hour or Less!

• Headache
• Fatigue
• Thirst
• Redness of the eyes
• Muscle aches
• Increased sensitivity to light and sound
• Mood instabilities
• Rapid heartbeat
• Tremors
• Sweating
• Increased blood pressure

Reduce the Following Effects of Alcohol on Mental and Physical Performance

• Reduced focus
• Decreased mechanical accuracy
• Decreased mental endurance
• Impaired decision-making
• Impaired deductive reasoning
• Dehydration
• Decreased ADH-Hormonal Secretion
• 1L of fluid loss per 4 drinks
• Excessive sweating
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea

Relieve the Core Areas of Your Body Where Hangovers Hit Hardest

• Toxic building to stomach lining
• Increased pancreatic and intestinal acid secretion
• Symptoms of gastroenteritis
• Buildup of fat compounds in liver cells, aka ``fatty liver”
• Vasodilation of blood vessels in the brain
• Changes to levels of hormones such as histamines, serotonin, and prostaglandins
• Throbbing headaches

Don’t Let A Hangover Ruin Your Day!

High-sugar sports drinks, coffee, and “hair-of-the-dog” may provide some relief, but do very little to treat the underlying symptoms.  Recover will assist in hydration and detoxification.  In addition, in can minimize symptoms like nausea and gastritis.

Recent Customer Reviews on Yelp

Julia R.
Julia R.
2017-10-14 12:55:31
The service and care was incredible! I was throwing up before and was extremely dehydrated. Resquared brought me back to life! Thank you!!
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J.
2017-10-07 14:51:18
Life saver! I was so dehydrated and hung over from my late night in Vegas and this is exactly what I needed! Will definitely do it again! Thanks!
Hayley S.
Hayley S.
2017-06-20 18:33:11
Best services around! So glad I found this company. Professional, accommodating, and they care about your personal needs. So impressed and beyond satisfied....