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Vitamin B12 injection

IM Shot Overview

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells.  It prevents destabilization of myelin which is important in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.  B12 also is involved in the metabolism of neurotransmitters.  Low levels of B12 can result in symptoms of depression, low energy, and poor focus.  Supplementation with B12 can reverse these symptoms and improve mood, energy, and alertness.

“I have personally used B12 injections, especially now as I have been living a vegan life style for a year. During the first few months I was depressed and very short on energy – I felt that my world was closing in on me. I went from living a full active life to not sleeping for more than a few hours a night and feeling like my energy would not last for more than a few hours. As I was training in Vegas for an ultra-distance paddling race in the California 100, one of my good friends told me to try b12 injections every two weeks. It was amazing – the energy boost and gains seemed to last for days and I was able to sleep for a full 8 hours when time allowed. I was able to train harder than I had in the past and I was able to push through the depression and funk I was in. I directly correlate these improvements to the B12 injections I was receiving.”

~ Dave Steed, Co-Owner @ Re2

Low levels of B12 can result in symptoms of depression, low energy, and poor focus. Fight these symptoms with Re's ReFocus IM Shot. Read more at

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