Boost Your Athletic Performance & Recovery

ReHydrate is our 1 liter NS replacement electrolyte infusion. Electrolytes help our muscles and nerves function, as well as assist the body in maintaining a healthy pH. Our ReHydrate formula is a liter of normal saline with key electrolytes that will help rid the body of byproducts of lactate metabolism, and will help rehydrate the body.

Hydration is the key to performance

Professionals in many sports including running, cycling, basketball, and football use IV hydration to recover.  Even mild dehydration can reduce performance, increase fatigue and decrease your body’s ability to handle heat stress.  Hydration is critical in training, racing, and recovery!

Have a big race coming up? Trying to recover from hot summer workouts or racing? We can help with fluid and electrolyte replenishment. Decrease recovery time and perform at your absolute best.

ReSquared Medical has a rich history in supporting athletes. As licensed medical professionals and IV therapy specialists in Las Vegas, we’re here to help you prepare for the big event or to improve your athletic regimen as so you can train harder for events like Ironman, Tough Mudder and more!

Testimonials From Our Athletic Superstars

This year was a big year for me because I started out at the Sprint level, and have been steadily competing at the Olympic level. In September alone I did four races so you would think I was exhausted coming into this year’s Pumpkinman, but since I started using ReSquared for IV Infusion recovery this year, I haven’t been sore after my races, and have been able to get right back into training and racing. Despite participating in so many events, this Fall alone, I took home 1st Place for Overall Female at Pumpkinman, and owe a huge thanks to ReSquared for keeping me in top form. I can’t wait to keep working with them going into next season to keep me healthy for the next BBSC Triathlon
Michelle Erin Ray
Jennabea and the ReSquared team are legit. Extremely flexible in working with my schedule, pleasant, and offers top quality service. I've purchased roughly 3 packages of various injections so far and am planning on continuing with various packages over the course of this year. Highly recommend ReSquared to any and everyone.
How can IV Therapy benefit Athletes and Runners? Introducing nutrients into the body, at the right time, is key!

If you prep yourself after your event with hydration therapy, you reduce most if not all of the negative affects that can show up after an event or performance, such as grogginess, headache, muscle soreness, and so on.

Sometimes sports drinks and supplements simply don’t cut it.

ReHydrate can provide the maximum support you need to bounce back if you push yourself beyond your natural limits. This IV hydration therapy will quickly restore your natural electrolyte balances and allow you to hit the ground running again. Pre-event hydration with our new Athletic Performance IV can help avoid cramping and “hitting the wall.”