Featuring Our Premium Infusion

ReSquared is a 2 liter NS combination of ReCover and ReCharge. This blend will help you feel better and give you the needed energy boost to get you up and going again!

All The Health Benefits – In One Infusion

In Vegas, whether you’re a Native resident or just visiting, we’re known for going above and beyond expectations. Here, it’s easy not to just want it all, but get it all too. When it comes to your overall wellness and performance, why not go for the top tier and get all the benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy jam packed in one super charged treatment.

The Re2 infusion is similar to what you would find in an emergency room, or what we call a “banana bag” (all of the nutrients turn the infusion yellow). This infusion is commonly used for people who visit the ER who need hydration, nutrient replenishment, and time to recover. The big difference is, our infusion is for a fraction of the cost and the effects are faster.

Our premium infusion, ReSquared covers the needs of whole-body wellness. Read more at resquaredmedical.com.

ReHydrate + ReCharge + ReCover + ReJuvenate  = Re2

The ultimate treatment plan that includes all the benefits of our other treatments, this specialty compounded treatment enables you to reach your premium capacity and allows you to take control of where your newfound replenishment takes you.